FASD members will attract to İPAF 15 thousand foreign visitors


With cooperation of Flexible Packaging Manufacturers Association (FASD) and IPAF fairs, Yagmur Fuarcilik prepared the English newsletters and invitations posted about FASD members of the fair participants 15 thousand foreign customers. Thus, a lot of new visitors will participate in the IPAF Fair from abroad.


Flexible Packaging Manufacturers Association (FASD) is a civil society organization established in 2005, with 52 members of the single most authoritative representative of the Turkish flexible packaging industry. FASD is representing all its members, protecting the rights of and agenda setter in the sectors which have been in development and is an association of regimes in national and international platforms. FASD is working the flexible packaging sector in Turkey as a whole to develop and introduce one of the leading suppliers in the industry for manufacturers of the world market in order to create environments and conditions.