IPAF, is a special exhibition that brings together industry and investor




IPAF International Plastic and Packaging Technologies & Products Exhibition will be held Yağmur Fuarcılık in 23-26 May, WTC, Istanbul Expo Center. IPAF Fair was the first held in 1998 at Izmir in the third year won an international character and hosted two thousand participants and over one hundred thousand visitors especially from Turkey and more than 80 countries until 2011.

Specializing in the trade show and publishing industry for 17 years, Yağmur Fuarcılık, was raised target in 2011. With aiming to develop its international vision and to place between in the world fairs in the sector moved the IPAF to Istanbul by taking a strategic decision. IPAF Faır which successfully held in 2011 and 2012 at Istanbul Expo Center, proved that will take place among the leading fairs in Asia and East Europe in the near future.