Alliance from Yağmur Fuarcılık and FASD: PACK-IST



Alliance from Yağmur Fuarcılık and FASD: PACK-IST



Established in 2005 the Turkish Flexible Packaging Industry FASD can represent all the members of the national and international level, Flexible Packaging Manufacturers Association of Turkey in the flexible packaging industry working for the development of the sector as a whole is one of the leading suppliers in the world market between manufacturers aimed at inserting a sectoral structure.

Associations with Yagmur Fuarcılık and FASD have incorporated "Flexible Packaging Fair" including an independent concept and a separate exhibition area under the title of PACK-IST in 2012.

IPAF Exhibition organizer Yagmur Fuarcılık joined forces with FASD as a result participatory structure one of the leading companies in Turkey and the world, "Technology & Design and Production Size" gained considerable importance in terms.

Exports and sizes entering into the top 500 industrial companies is a member of many FASD is also pleasing. All of these, IPAF and PACK-IST Fairs, will catch the acceleration and size in the near future.